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  • ARC Australian Laureate Fellowships

    Open to applications from outstanding researchers of international repute, the Australian Laureate Fellowships scheme encourages proposals involving Australian or international researchers by providing eligible Australian Laureate Fellows with project funding in addition to a salary supplement and salary-related (on-cost) support. Preference will be given to researchers who will play a significant, sustained leadership and mentoring role in increasing Australia’s internationally competitive research capacity.

  • ARC Centres of Excellence

    ARC Centres of Excellence (CoE) are prestigious hubs of expertise through which high-quality researchers maintain and develop Australia's international standing in research areas of national priority. Through ARC CoEs, a high level of collaboration occurs between universities and other organisations in Australia and overseas.

  • ARC Early Career Industry Fellowship

    The scheme aims to develop the industry collaboration skills of early career researchers; support early career researchers to achieve translatable and/or commercialisable outcomes.

  • ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

    Provides funding for R&D partnerships between industry and universities that will that will help transform Australian industries so they can prosper in a richer, fairer and greener Australia. The Research hubs will encourage R&D projects that could help solve the big problems facing our industries today. Managers, researchers and industry workers will work together to address these problems.

  • ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centres

    Provides funding for R&D partnerships between industry and universities that will that will help transform Australian industries so they can prosper in a richer, fairer and greener Australia. The training centres will foster close partnerships between university-based researchers and the industry members who will use the research outcomes.

  • ARC Industry Laureate Fellowships

    Open to applications from outstanding researchers and research leaders of international reputation with demonstrated capacity for collaboration, commercialisation and/or translation.

  • ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

    Provides funding for large-scale cooperative initiatives so that expensive infrastructure, equipment and facilities can be shared by partnered organisations. Applicants may seek funding for infrastructure, equipment and facility purchases, construction and installation. Requests for support can be made by researchers in any discipline. Although successful applications normally involve two or more universities, proposals involving government research organisations and businesses are also encouraged, provided that a higher education institution is involved.

  • ARC Mid-Career Industry Fellowship

    Researchers wanting to build industry connections and tackle a new industry problem. Professionals looking to strengthen university connections and research skills.

  • Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA)

    To support and advance promising early career researchers (less than 5 years postdoctoral experience); promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways; focus research effort in the National Research Priority areas to improve research capacity and policy outcomes; and enable research and research training in high quality and supportive environments.

  • Discovery Indigenous

    The Discovery Indigenous scheme provides funding to Administering Organisations to support research programs led by an Indigenous Australian researcher and build research capacity of higher degree research and early career researchers.

  • Discovery Projects

    Supports fundamental research conducted by both individuals and teams. Funding can be requested for personnel (other than named Chief Investigators and Partner Investigators), equipment, maintenance, travel.

  • Future Fellowships

    Scheme attracting the best mid-career researchers to Australia, and encouraging outstanding domestic researchers currently based overseas to return to Australia. This scheme will fund researchers with a capacity to build cross-disciplinary collaboration between industry and research institutions.

  • Linkage Projects

    Supports collaborative research between higher education organisations and other bodies (including industry), enabling the application of advanced knowledge to problems, typically those involving risk. Proposals must involve a partner organisation from outside the higher education sector.

  • National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG)

    The program supports excellent research that deepens understanding of emerging science and technology and addresses intelligence and national security interests, and facilitates innovation and develops national security and intelligence capacity. The program also aimed to enable Australia’s National Intelligence and Security Communities to systematically engage with Australia’s research and technology community.

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