Establishment Grants for ARC Industry Fellows

Critical Dates

Different faculties specify different dates for application submissions as detailed below:

NOTE:  IM23: 2023 Mid-Career Industry Fellowship;  IE23: 2023 Early Career Industry Fellowship

Faculty Faculty Establishment Grant Due DateContactNotes
Architecture, Building and Planning Tuesday 27 September 2022 (IM23)

Tuesday  2 October  2022 (IE23)

Jennie Ramsey

Arts N/A

Grace Barrand

All Faculty of Arts applicants will be automatically recommended for the Establishment Grant.
Business and Economics 10am Wednesday 28 September 2022 (IM23)

5pm Monday 3 October 2022 (IE23)

Alex Campell

+61 3 8344 5792

Sylvia Schaffarczyk

+61  3 8344 1503

Applicants should apply using  online forms below:

FBE - IM23  Establishment Grant Application Form

FBE - IE23 Establishment Grant Application Form

Education N/A

MGSE is not expecting  any Industry Fellowship Applications. Please contact the faculty ASAP.
FEIT COB Tuesday 27 September 2022 (IM23)

9am Monday 10 October 2022 (IE23)

Daniel Jenk  (for IM23)

FEIT Research Services (for IE23)

Requests for establishment funds must be made on a case-by-case basis and will depend on the project’s need for additional cash, the size and type of industry partner, and partner cash and in-kind committed  to the project.
Fine Arts and Music 5pm Monday 26 September 2022 (IM23)

5pm Thursday 6 October 2022 (IE23)
Bernardo Jarrin
Law N/A

Mas Generis

MLS  is not expecting any Industry Fellowship applications. Please contact Mas Generis ASAP to discuss.
Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences 9am Monday 26 September 2022 (IM23)

9am Monday 10 October 2022 (IE23)

Applicants must complete the MDHS Establishment Grant request form at link below.

MDHS Establishment grant request for: ARC Early and Mid Career Industry Fellowships

Science N/A

Science Research Office

All applicants will receive $100,000. Requirements for $150,000 vary between Schools. If $150,000 is necessary and/or appropriate, please contact the Science Research Office.

All applicants will be allocated an Establishment Grant of $50,000
Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences 27 September 2022 (IM23)

4 October 2022 (IE23)
Jessica  Finlay

FVAS supports IM23/IE23 co-investment. Please contact Jessica to discuss.


This scheme aims to:

  • Support successful ARC Industry Fellows in establishing their research program at the University of Melbourne
  • Enhance the candidate’s competitiveness when applying for the ARC Industry Fellowship schemes

Faculties may set their own objectives and priorities in determining which candidates will be nominated for Establishment Grant support. Fellows must apply to their host faculty for Establishment Grant support through whatever process the faculty deems appropriate. An Establishment Grant will only be awarded to candidates whose ARC Industry Fellowship application is successful.


An Establishment Grant comprises matching (1:1) financial contributions from Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research (DVCR) and the applicant's Department/School/Faculty.

While there is no specified minimum amount for an Establishment Grant, the standard Establishment Grant will be $50,000 (for IE) and $100,000 (for IM) split 1:1 between DVCR and the applicant's Department/School/Faculty. Establishment Grants of up to $150,000 (again split 1:1) will be considered by DVCR if supported by the Faculty.

Please note,  industry-based researchers intending to work in University settings are not eligible for Establishment Grants.

DVCR does not impose any restrictions on how the central funding can be used, as long as it directly supports the Industry Fellow and their project. Faculties may enforce restrictions on the use of funding as appropriate.

How to apply

  1. Total requested Establishment Grant support

    The Industry Fellowship applicant should include details of the total requested Establishment Grant support in their ARC application in the following sections:

    F3: Details of non-ARC contributions – describe how the UoM Establishment Grant support will contribute to achieving the aims of the project.

  2. Submit application to faculty

    Fellowship applicants apply to their faculty for support .

  3. Faculty submits nominations to RIC

    Faculties should submit a list of names on the Faculty Establishment Grant Form with a faculty commitment and the requested RIC/Chancellery commitment by 11 October 2022.

Supporting documents


RIC contact for ARC Mid-Career (IM) and Early Career (IE) Industry Fellows questions and primary email

Key contact

Carrie  Liang8344 0440

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