Early Career Researcher Grant

Critical Dates

Monday 4 March 2024

Round opens

Thursday 14 March 2024

ECR Grant Information Webinar (register here)

Friday 26 April 2024

Full applications due via SmartyGrants

October 2024

Notification of outcomes

*PLEASE NOTE: Faculty Expression of Interest deadlines may also apply. Please see the table below (How to Apply) for further information.


The University of Melbourne’s Early Career Research (ECR) Grant scheme aims to support early career researchers to undertake high quality projects and pilot studies, strengthen their track records, and enhance their profile for competitive external funding. This scheme is a core part of the University’s research development strategy , which places a high priority on supporting ECRs.


Each successful project is funded by a matched commitment from Chancellery (50%) and the host faculties and departments (50%).

  • Applicants from the faculties Architecture Building and Planning, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Fine Arts and Music, and Law, may apply for between $5000 and $25,000 in research funding.
  • Applicants from the faculties Engineering and Information Technology, Science, and Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences, may apply for between $5000 and $40,000 in research funding.

How to apply

  1. Review the funding documents

    Review the Scheme Guidelines, FAQs and Instructions to Applicants documents for this scheme.

  2. Review faculty processes

    Ensure that you are aware of any additional submission requirements specific to your Faculty/School.

    Architecture, Building and Planning Matthew Scamporlino (abp-research), 
    Arts School contacts

    Submit directly to RIC. To arrange signoff please liaise with your School Research Coordinator:

    Asia Institute: Claire Maree cmaree@unimelb.edu.au
    Culture and Communication: Natalya Lusty natalya.lusty@unimelb.edu.au
    Historical and Philosophical Studies: Matthew Champion mscha@unimelb.edu.au
    Languages and Linguistics: Brett Baker bjbaker@unimelb.edu.au
    Social and Political Sciences: Terry MacDonald terry.macdonald@unimelb.edu.au

    Business & Economics* Ryan Perera, 9035 3863, fbe-research@unimelb.edu.auNotice of Intent Due: Friday 15 March to fbe-research@unimelb.edu.au
    Draft project description and application form ( PDF copy generated in SmartyGrants) to be submitted to FBE for review: Wednesday 3 April.
    Engineering and Information Technology FEIT Research Services, FEIT-research@unimelb.edu.au 
    Education foe-research@unimelb.edu.au  Please submit your draft project description and application form (PDF copy generated in SmartyGrants) for review to foe-research@unimelb.edu.au by COB 25 March 2024
    Law Mas Generis, 8344 9983 ,
    Marcus Feaver, 83443661, law-research@unimelb.edu.au
    Submit directly to RIC
    Science Science Research Office, science-internalfunding@unimelb.edu.auNotice of Intent: Monday 18 March 2024, 3.00pm- by email
    Review: Monday 8 April 2024, 3.00 pm - draft application form (PDF copy generated in SmartyGrants)
    Fine Arts & Music Charlotte Midson, fineartsmusic-research@unimelb.edu.au Please submit directly to RIC
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences*
    Tessa Grimmond, 9035 0995, mdhs-grants@unimelb.edu.au 
    Eligible Affiliated Research Institutes
  3. Complete an eligibility exemption request

    If applicable, complete the eligibility exemption request form via SmartyGrants.

  4. Complete the application form via SmartyGrants

    Remember to leave plenty of time to have the certification statement signed by your head of department. This will need to be uploaded into your SmartyGrants application form before you can submit.

  5. Complete a Themis Grants Workbench Submission

    Once your application is submitted in SmartyGrants, attach this final PDF to a Themis Workbench Submission (TS). The type of submission is "4 - internal grant sponsored by UoM" and the scheme name is "Early Career Researcher Grants Scheme - 2025 " (it should show up in the dropdown after a few moments once you start typing). The status needs of your submission needs to be "Forwarded to HoD" by the due date.  We understand if there is a slight delay in receiving electronic approval from the HoD. Your faculty research office can assist you in the first instance if you are not familiar with this process. If you have further technical trouble with the submission, you may email res-devschemes@unimelb.edu.au with your Themis submission number (TS) and we will try to assist.

Supporting documents

Key documents

  • 2025 Scheme Guidelines
  • 2025 Application Form
  • 2025 HoD Certification Form
  • ECR Project Description Template
  • Resources

  • 2024 Seminar Slides 
  • 2024 Seminar Recording 27 April 2023 
  • Themis Grants Workbench guide
  • UOM Research Costing and Pricing Tool
  • Grants Application Library
  • 2025 Instructions to Applicants and FAQs
  • 2025 ECR  Career interruption calculator
  • Contacts

    Please kindly ensure you have consulted the Scheme Guidelines, and FAQs and Instructions to Applicants prior to submitting a query.

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