Wellcome Trust

Critical Dates

Innovator Awards: Digital Technologies

1 October 2018

Scheme Opens

19 November 2018

Internal RIC Deadline

3 December 2018

Application Deadline

28 January 2019


28 February 2019



Wellcome Trust is a London based charity established by Sir Henry Wellcome for the advancement of medical and scientific research to improve mankind’s wellbeing.  They aim to award up to £5 billion in grants over the next five years in the fields of science, population health, medical innovation, the humanities and social sciences and public engagement.


They currently have 52 Schemes open, searchable at the following link:


High Value Scheme examples:

Epidemic Preparedness: Preventing and Controlling Cholera – up to £2 million over 2 years.

Innovator Awards: Digital Technologies – up to £1 million over 2 years, see below…

How to apply

Guidelines for this scheme are in expandable sections and sub-sections on the scheme page itself (not downloadable), link below:


Note: Wellcome do not support overheads/indirect costs unless specified on the scheme page.  This scheme DOES specify that it will support research management and support costs if part of the grant is sub-contracted to an organisation in a low or middle-income country (list linked below):


In addition to reading the guidelines on the site, please review the downloadable sample application form linked on the scheme page as well as their FAQ document.

At the initial stage, it is recommended that you register online with their system at the following link: Wellcome Trust Grant Tracker.

The RIC office has an organisational log-in to that system where we can approve online on behalf of our institution when it’s uploaded so you must submit to our office at least ten business days before the deadline.

In addition to online approval, RIC offers assistance analysing the guidelines against your proposal as well as providing any institutional information required for the application.


Staff of Wellcome as well as external experts will assess your proposal – 28 January 2019.


Shortlisted applications will be further assessed by external experts from their Innovator Awards Advisory Group – 28 February 2019.


Successful applicants are notified within six months of submission.  Unsuccessful applicants do not receive written feedback.


When you receive the official award letter from Wellcome Trust, please forward it to the RIC office for our records (a template award letter is available on the scheme page for reviewing prior to the award).

You will receive an email from Wellcome Trust asking for you to complete a “Grant Start Certificate” with instructions on how to complete and a link.

Submit the “Grant Start Certificate” within four months of the start date of the Award letter.

The RIC office receives an email when this is done so we can log in to approve the award on behalf of our institution.


RIC International Grants Team:


Technology Transfer Team:

Lachlan Wilson


Fabian Lim


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