International Grants Accelerator Program

Critical Dates

1 May 2023

Program opens

15 June 2023

Intake 1: Completed applications due.


Intake 2: Completed applications due.


The International Grants Accelerator Program supports researchers at the University of Melbourne to access international collaborators and funding agencies. It is widely accepted that making initial contact and building relationships with funding agency staff is a strong predictor of success in obtaining funding. The International Grants Accelerator Program offers differing levels of support, intended to respond to the varying needs of researchers and their disciplines, including professional staff development. For an overview of the 2022 program, please note that a recorded information and Q&A session is available.


The program will allow researchers to apply for travel funding in order to visit international collaborators and funding agencies, or to support the visit of international partners to Melbourne. Applicants are invited to apply for up to AUD $5,000, with funding available from Chancellery Research and Enterprise in a 1:1 match with Academic Divisions. Up to 10 travel awards will be available for academic staff, with up to a further 2 travel awards available for professional staff.

How to apply

  1. Review the funding guidelines

    Review the guidelines available at the bottom of this page.

  2. Contact your Faculty Research Office

    To register interest in the program, your Faculty Research Office must approve your participation. Evidence of the approval must be attached as a pdf file to the registration form.

  3. Register

    To enrol in the program register using the Registration link during the open periods. The form takes approximately 10 mins to complete. There are 2 intakes per year.

  4. Work with the International Grants team

    Upon receipt of your registration, the International Grants Research team will:
    1. Review your project and determine whether international funding opportunities may exist within the University’s networks;
    2. Contact you to discuss if we are aware of funders in your area, clarify your impact statement and project idea, and see if we have any preliminary matches. Based on this conversation we will have a better idea of whether we can help;
    3. If we can help, ask you to inform your Head of Department about your project if you have not already done so;
    4. Work with you to develop a plan and timeline;
      • Philanthropic funding may be available on a rolling basis. Depending on your project, presenting it to a potential funder might take several months after submission of this form.
      • Research grants are typically deadline driven. We can help develop a plan and timeline for proposal submission.
    5. Manage any legal documentation required by the University to formalise funding;
    6. Remain in contact with you and the potential funder in pursuit of an outcome, and
    7. If funding is successful, maintain the relationship with the funder.

    Access to travel funding will vary based on the funder's requirements and your readiness level to apply. Travel funds are available to support application development for proposals requesting $100,000 or more returning to the University. See the guidelines for more details.

  5. Consider attending an information session

    Information session on international funders and opportunities are developed annually. Registration is available via the Research Development Unit (RDU) Events page here.

    Upcoming Information Sessions

    Approaching Funders & the Heilmeier Catechism Workshop: Wednesday 14 June 2023 9.30am – 12.30pm Limit: 20 people in person @ Melbourne Connect

    2022 Recorded Information Sessions
    • How to complete a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant application. Recording | Slides | Note that applications submitted after 25 January 2023 will now need to include a Data Management and Sharing Plan (details here).
    • Introduction to the US Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP). Recording | Slides
    • How to complete a CDMRP grant application. Recording | Slides
    • Continental Drift: Funding Collaborations to Connect with Europe. Recording | Slides
    • Funding opportunities from the United Kingdom. Recording | Slides
  6. Submit an application to an overseas funder

    Applications are supported by the International Grants team, Faculty Research staff, and additional team members from RIC or Advancement as required. Final submissions are supported in line with relevant University and funder policies. For general information on applying for an international grant, see the detailed process outlined here.

Supporting documents

International Grants Accelerator Program Guidelines

Registration form


Patricia Gigliuto, Manager International Research Grants