Manchester-Melbourne-Toronto Research Fund

Critical Dates

27 March 2023

Applications open

1 June 2023

Applications close

August 2023

Communication of results

October 2023

Start date of awards


Webpage to be updated shortly prior to 2023 round opening - text and attachments below refer to 2022 round.

The University of Manchester, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Toronto are contributing matching funds to support collaborative bilateral and trilateral research initiatives through a joint call for proposals.

Proposals can be Bilateral (between two alliance partners) or Trilateral (between all alliance partners).

The overall aim of the MMT Research Fund (the Fund) is to encourage and provide initial support for the development of high-quality research activities that include Early Career Researchers (ECRs). Funding is available from each of the three institutions to develop bilateral or trilateral research projects. The Fund seeks to support proposals that will lead to long-term research collaborations with a view to enabling principal investigators (PIs) to subsequently apply for external funding to support the next phase of their joint research.

The Fund is open to applications from all research areas. Proposals that aim to provide opportunities for jointly awarded PhDs at a future stage are encouraged.


  • Manchester: Academic staff members at all levels are eligible. Applicants do not need to have a permanent post, but they must have an existing contract at the time of application, and that contract must cover the full period of the grant. Emeritus and honorary staff are not eligible to apply as Co-PI but may be members of the project team.
  • Melbourne: Applicants must hold an appointment at the University of Melbourne at Academic Level A (6) or higher and 0.5 FTE or higher at the time of application and for the duration of the award. Honorary employees whose primary academic affiliation is the University of Melbourne are eligible to lead the application if their primary employer has entered into an agreement with the University for the support of the Australian component of the collaborative activity; or may participate at their own expense if they are otherwise unaffiliated (for example, they hold an emeritus position). The relevant Heads of Department must endorse applications.
  • Toronto: Applicants who are Faculty members in continuing Toronto appointments are eligible to submit proposals. Faculty members in continuing Toronto appointments, and students and fellows under their supervision at Toronto, are eligible to participate in exchange activities.

To be eligible, a proposal must include researchers from at least two institutions and must be led by, or include in a significant role, ECRs. In addition to the PI, there must be at least one other researcher from each partner on the team. Eligible applicants (see details below) may only lead one application as a PI but can be listed as a co-investigator on other applications.

Awardees from any of the previous bilateral seed funding schemes between Manchester, Melbourne and Toronto may only re-apply to this scheme if their application seeks to significantly expand the number of researchers in their collaboration (for example, by including researchers from the third institution).


Each institution will provide funding for up to 15 proposals, across bilateral and trilateral projects, for a funding period of 18 months. Participation of applicants from each institution will be supported by that institution.

Recipients will be awarded up to:

  • 12K AUD from Melbourne to support Melbourne applicants;
  • 7k GBP From Manchester to support Manchester applicants; and
  • 11k CDN from Toronto to support Toronto applicants.

How to apply

  1. Review the guidelines

    The call documentation will be published under 'Supporting Documents' when the round goes live.

  2. Prepare and submit your application

    This is a joint call and one joint application per project should be submitted online using SmartSurvey. Applicants can use the ‘save and continue’ feature to save the proposal and continue later (a link is sent to the applicant’s email address).

  3. Themis Grants Workbench Submission (Melbourne Only)

    Melbourne collaborators will need to complete a Themis Grants Submission for Head of Department approval and email the Themis Submission number to

    How to complete a Themis Grants Workbench Submission

Supporting documents

Application Form via SmartSurvey

Call for Proposals (guidelines)

Instructions for creating a grant submission record in Themis.


The University of Manchester
Joanne Jacobs, Senior International Officer

The University of Melbourne:
Kim Turner, Researcher Development Schemes

The University of Toronto
Kevin Rowley, International Research Officer