Hebrew University of Jerusalem – University of Melbourne: Call for Joint PhD Projects

Critical Dates

01 June 2022

Call opens

17 August 2022

Applications due

Mid-September 2022

Results released

*Applicants from ABP, please contact abp-gradresearch@unimelb.edu.au for additional EOI steps


The University of Melbourne (UoM) and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008, renewed in 2018, to foster exchange and research collaborations. Both Universities affirmed this partnership in November 2012 with an agreement to establish the Joint Research Workshop Grants Program.

The partnership was further expanded with the development of a joint PhD agreement and the launch of the Jerusalem-Melbourne Joint PhD program (JM-JPhD) in 2019. Seven research teams have been awarded funding supporting fourteen joint PhD candidates in total, with projects spanning biomedicine, veterinary science, psychology, chemistry, and computer science.

In 2022, UoM and HUJI are calling for proposals across all research areas for new joint PhD projects. This call for proposals will award up to six joint PhD projects across three separate pairs of Primary Investigators (PIs). Each of these pairs will receive funding to support two joint PhD candidates, as well as funding to support collaborative activities.

This call for joint PhD project proposals is open to applications from academic supervisors only. If you are a prospective candidate interested in applying for a joint PhD, please refer to the information available here.


Up to three proposals will be funded, with each proposal supporting two joint PhD projects. In total, up six PhD scholarships will be awarded across three pairs of PIs. UoM will fund up to 3 PhD scholarships and HUJI will fund up to 3 PhD scholarships. Funding also includes support for additional collaborative activities, including supervisor and home candidate travel.

University of Melbourne (UOM)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI)

Tax-free scholarship (stipend) for the Melbourne based joint PhD candidate. Please refer to the Graduate Research Scholarship page for the full details.

Scholarships for the HUJI based joint PhD candidate will be funded jointly by the Hebrew University (50%) and the Supervisor (50%).

Tuition fee waivers for both joint PhD candidates.

Tuition fee waivers for both joint PhD candidates.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership for international candidates who require a student visa to study in Australia, when in Australia, and travel insurance whilst on Study Away.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of research in Australia will be covered, as well as health insurance for international candidates who have HUJI as their home institution.

A $10,000 lump sum* to support Melbourne based candidates and UoM PIs for relevant activities, including**:

  • Candidate travel
  • PI travel
  • Workshop costs or virtual collaboration   expenses
  • Graduate recruitment

Support for each HUJI PI for relevant activities, including mobility support for the HUJI-based candidate to travel: $8,000 USD lump sum **

  • PhD Candidate travel
  • PI travel
  • Workshop costs or virtual collaboration   expenses
  • Graduate recruitment


See Guidelines (under 'Supporting Documents') for full eligibility requirements.

The supervisory team must consist of at least two Principal Investigators (PIs), one from UoM and one from HUJI. The two PIs must have capacity to be the primary supervisor for two jointly enrolled PhD candidates, one who will have UoM as their Home institution, and the second who will have HUJI as their Home institution.

UoM Academics

UoM academics must be registered to supervise as per the Supervisor Eligibility and Registration Policy. Primary supervisors should be employed at UoM beyond the envisaged submission date of their PhD candidates (2027). If their employment contract does not extend beyond the candidates’ submission date, then alternative arrangements must be in place, (see guidelines/application form).

Honorary employees whose primary academic affiliation is with UoM are eligible to lead an application as a PI if they are a registered Principal Supervisor at UoM, and either:

  1. their primary employer has entered into a written agreement for this call to fund the Melbourne cash component of the collaborative activity; or
  2. they participate at their own expense if they are otherwise unaffiliated (for example, they hold an emeritus position).

HUJI Academics

HUJI academics must be eligible to supervise PhD candidates as per the relevant HUJI regulations for research students.

How to apply

  1. Review the guidelines

    Please review the guidelines before the submission.

  2. Submit the application

    PIs from UoM and HUJI should submit one joint application, in English, via SmartyGrants

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