Mary Lugton Postdoctoral Fellowships

Critical Dates

Friday 24 March 2023

Round Opens via SmartyGrants

Thursday 4 May 2023, 9am

Information Webinar (register here)

Friday 19 May 2023, 3pm

Applications close

August 2023

Outcomes announced


The Mary Lugton Scholarship  Fund provides postdoctoral fellowships and graduate research scholarships to researchers at the University of Melbourne in the fields of art conservation, medicine, science, botany, engineering or history: currently, these are located across the Faculties of Arts; Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences; Science; and Engineering and Information Technology.

Fellowship awards will rotate across the six disciplines supported in the order listed above, commencing with art conservation and medicine in 2022, science and botany in 2023, and engineering and history in 2024; and subsequently rotating in order.

This is a Fellowship scheme for early career researchers who have been awarded a PhD within the last 5 years. Applicants who have had career interruptions or who have worked in an academic research organisation for less than 5 years FTE may still apply and complete the additional Eligibility Exemption Request (EER) portion of the full application form.


Two Postdoctoral Fellowships will be offered per year. Fellowships will be for two years’ duration, commencing at Academic Level A.6. Funding is for salary (including on-costs).

Fellows will receive an additional $25,000 to be spent on project costs over the term of their Fellowship, funded by their host Faculty.


The funding guidelines for the current offering of the Mary Lugton Fellowships is linked below under 'supporting documents'. Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for this program before beginning your submission. If you have any queries on eligibility that are not satisfied by the attached funding guidelines document, please contact the RIC Researcher Development Schemes team on the details below.

How to apply

  1. Review the Funding Guidelines

    Read the Mary Lugton Fellowships guidelines under 'supporting documents'.

  2. Check Faculty/School processes

    Contact your Faculty/School research office to ensure you have met any Faculty/School specific requirements.

    Faculty Contact Instructions
    Architecture, Building and Planning N/A 
    Arts Arts Research Office, straight to RIC
    Business & Economics N/A 
    Engineering and Information Technology FEIT Research Services, scheme does not have an EOI but applicants should register their interest for the support program here
    Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences N/A 
    Law N/A 
    Science Veronica Loew – straight to RIC
    Fine Arts & Music FAM Research Office , 
  3. Complete the application form

    The nomination form is hosted on the university's SmartyGrants portal. You will receive a PDF of the final application by email once you have submitted in SmartyGrants.

    If your PhD was awarded more than 5 years ago but you have experienced an eligible career interruption as identified in section 3.9 of the funding guidelines or you have worked in an academic research organisation for less than 5 years FTE you must complete an Eligibility Exemption Request (EER) at Part B of the application form. An EER calculator has been provided with the 'Supporting documents' on this webpage to help applicants prepare an EER.

  4. .Submit the application form to the Themis Grants Submission Workbench.

    Attach the final application PDF to your Themis workbench submission and ensure the status is 'Forwarded to Hod' or 'Submitted to Research Office' by the due date and time.  A guide on how to complete the workbench submission is found here.

Supporting documents


Please direct queries to:

Researcher Development Schemes