Accepting and managing internal grants and fellowships

The processes, resources and expectations around accepting and managing internal grants and fellowships at the University of Melbourne

  • Accepting your grant

    Each individual internal grant scheme has its own processes for advice of award. In some cases applicants will be advised directly by Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC), however depending on faculty and department involvement, for some schemes (e.g. Melbourne Research Grant Support Scheme) applicants are advised of outcomes directly by the faculty.

    As the process required to accept an internal grant may vary, the exact requirements and any documentation necessary will be advised to individual awardees.

  • Variations of the project agreement

    Variations occur when a successful grant needs modification from the original project agreement.

    For instance, personnel may withdraw, you may experience delays which prevent timely completion of project milestones or the expenditure of funds within the award period. To discuss a variance to the conditions of an internal award please contact the grants officer responsible for that award.

    Extensions to a project end date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, with a maximum extension of six months unless otherwise specified in the funding guidelines. Requests must be approved by the chief investigator’s head of department and submitted to the Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) at least one month prior to the project end date.

  • Transferring and leaving the University

    University of Melbourne internal grants cannot be transferred. When you leave the University, the award must be relinquished and any unspent funds returned. Contact the Grants Officer who co-ordinates the scheme under which your award is held. Your Agreement Administrator and Financial Operations should arrange for unspent funds to be returned.

    The transfer of an internal grant between departments (for instance, in the event of the Chief Investigator moving departments) will require the completion of a Themis TR1D form. Project codes are affected and sign off is required by Department Managers and Heads of Department (departing and new).

  • Reporting

    Progress and Final Reports

    All researchers who are awarded an internal grant are required to submit a report in accordance with the conditions under which the award was made. The completed report should be signed off by the appropriate head of department, and a copy made available to collaborators (if appropriate).

    All final reports should also include a brief financial report. Financial reports have no prescribed format. The financial report should show at minimum the funds expended, funds remaining, and the amounts and general categories of expenditure (i.e. travel, salaries, equipment).

    Please submit an electronic copy only (single pdf file) to Research, Innovation and Commercialisation (RIC) via the email address specified on the form.

    McKenzie Fellowship, Melbourne Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mary Lugton Fellowship, Melbourne Research (Career Interruptions) Fellowship:

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