NHMRC schemes

  • Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grants

    The Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant opportunity is to support high-quality clinical trials and cohort studies that address important gaps in knowledge, leading to relevant and implementable findings for the benefit of human health. The desired outcomes of the Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies Grant opportunity are the improvements in health and wellbeing, health care practice or policy, as a result of; • High-quality clinical trials that provide reliable evidence of the effects of health-related interventions on health outcomes (or appropriate surrogates), and/or • High-quality cohort studies that provide reliable evidence on the relation of important risk factors and other exposures to health-related outcomes.

  • Development Grants

    These grants support development work undertaken on products, processes, techniques or procedures arising from fundamental biomedical research which have commercial potential.

  • Ideas Grants

    The Ideas Grant scheme is to support innovative research projects addressing a specific question(s). The expected outcomes are: • innovative and creative research • funding of researchers at all career stages, and • funding any area of health and medical research from discovery to implementation.

  • Investigator Grants

    The Investigator Grant scheme is to support the research program of outstanding investigators at all career stages. It will consolidate separate salary and research support into a single grant scheme by offering a salary component (if required) and a research support package.

  • NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence

    NHMRC CREs will provide support for teams of researchers to pursue collaborative research and develop capacity in clinical, population health and health services research.

  • Partnership Projects

    Support new and existing partnerships in conducting research that influences the design and evaluation of health and health care policy and practice. The scheme does not include the evaluation of clinical interventions on individual patients (e.g. new treatments, diagnostic techniques, pharmaceuticals or surgical procedures) as such research is supported through the NHMRC Clinical Trial and Cohort Studies scheme.

  • Postgraduate Scholarships

    Support outstanding Australian health and medical graduates early in their career so that they can be trained to conduct internationally competitive research. This is usually achieved by funding scholars to attain a PhD by full-time research.

  • Synergy Grants

    The Synergy Grant scheme is to support outstanding multidisciplinary teams of investigators to work together to answer major questions that cannot be answered by a single investigator. The expected outcomes are: • multidisciplinary research that addresses major problems in all areas of human health and medical research, from discovery to translation, and • highly collaborative teams of diverse researchers including by gender, career stage and cultural background, working together to address major problems in human health.

  • Targeted Calls for Research & Special Initiatives

    A Targeted Call for Research (TCR) or Special Initiative is often a one-time solicitation for grant applications to address a specific health issues that will stimulate or greatly advance research in a particular area of health and medical science that will benefit the health of Australians.