Investigator Grants

Critical Dates

3 February 2021

Applications open in NHMRC Granting system

17 February 2021

RIC hosted Scheme information session

5pm - Wednesday 
3 March 2021

Minimum data due in NHMRC Granting system

10am - Monday
15 March 2021

Internal date for review by RIC

10am - Monday
29 March 2021

Final submission due to RIC


The Investigator Grant scheme is to support the health and medical research program of outstanding investigators at all career stages. It will consolidate separate salary and research support into a single grant scheme by offering a salary component (if required) and a research support package (RSP).

To support its objective, the Investigator Grant scheme comprises two categories – Emerging Leadership (EL) and Leadership (L).

Emerging Leadership

  • The EL Category is restricted to researchers who are ≤10 years post-PhD or equivalent and comprises two salary levels, EL1 and EL2, with corresponding RSPs.


  • The L Category comprises three salary levels (L1, L2 and L3) with four tiers of RSP (LT1, LT2, LT3 and LT4). The tier of RSP is not tied to the level of salary

An Investigator Grants 2021 (for funding commencing 2022) grant opportunity is awarded for a five year term and may be awarded as either a full-time or a part-time grant.

Please note that all NHMRC documentation relating to this scheme can be found via Grant Connect. If you don't already have one, you will need to create log in details for Grant Connect.

Further information on the Investigator Grant scheme can be found on the NHMRC website.

How to apply

Steps to be completed by Chief Investigator A (CIA):

  1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI)

    The NOI should be completed early to provide RIC with CIA contact details.

  2. Complete/update Sapphire Profile and CV

    Each CI will need to obtain access to the Grant management system to complete this step.

  3. Review the funding documents

    The CIA should read the NHMRC Guidelines available for download from Grant Connect (GO 4635).

  4. Complete draft application

    Complete the draft application in the Grant management system.

  5. Email a draft application to RIC

    Email a draft application to RIC for review. A hardcopy is not required.

    • Use the ‘Application Preview’ function in Sapphire.
    • Email snapshot reports and the draft Grant Proposal (as a PDF).  A UOM Authority to Submit form is not required at this stage.
    • RIC will send an email upon receipt.
  6. Complete the application after feedback

    After taking feedback from RIC into consideration, complete the application in the Grant management system. Upload all documents and  paying special attention to formatting requirements. It is suggested to seek advice from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.

  7. Certify the application in the Grant management system

    Certify the application via the ‘Certification’ function in the left panel of your Sapphire application. The applicant will be given the opportunity to download their application and attachments prior to the two-stage confirmation prompt before submission. The application will be locked once certified and status then will be Submitted to RAO.

  8. Submit the UOM Authority to Submit form

    Submit Authority to Submit form via email to RIC  before 10:00am on the final internal closing date, Monday 29th March 2021. The form should include:

    • CIA and Head of Department/Institute Director signatures.

    A hardcopy of the the Grant management system application is not required.

    Note that this is an NHMRC requirement and the application cannot be submitted to NHMRC until RIC receives this form.

  9. RIC will submit the application

    RIC will submit the application NHMRC and the CIA will receive a notification from Sapphire when this has been done.

Supporting documents


Additional information on eligibility and UoM FAQ's for Investigator Grants and other schemes in the NEW NHMRC Grants Program can be found here.

NHMRC Documentation

All NHMRC documentation relating to this scheme can be found via Grant Connect

Investigator Grants 2021 Key Changes Factsheet and Peer Review Guidelines can be found via NHMRC Investigator Grant webpage

RIC Documents

Authority to Submit Form

Successful applications - Grants Library

Faculty of MDHS applicants: There are some resources on the Faculty MDHS intranet

Seminars and Workshops

RIC will be hosting a webinar on this scheme between 2pm and 3pm on Wednesday the 17th of February 2021 to present an overview of the scheme, describe any key changes in the funding rules and to provide an overview of the application process. Applicants who are interested in attending this session can obtain a link to the zoom meeting by contacting

  • Fellowship Preparation for Women - 14 August 2018 - Agenda - Slides
  • Grant Information Session - 11 December 2018 - Slides - Video
  • NHMRC Investigator Grants - 2019 for funding 2020 - Professor Anne Kelso AO Chief Executive Officer, NHMRC.  6th September 2019. Slides - Video
  • NHMRC Investigator Grants - 2019 for funding 2021 - Information Session - Slides - Video
  • NHMRC Investigator Grants - 2021 for funding 2022 - Information Session - Slides - Video


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