Cancer Council Victoria Grants-in-Aid

Critical Dates

22 May 2023

EOIs open on Cancer Council Victoria site

10am - Tuesday
6 Jun 2023

Internal date for EOI review by RIC 

10am - Tuesday
20 Jun 2023

Final EOI submission documents due to RIC for RAO signature

5pm - Friday
23 Jun 2023

Final EOI submission due to CCV through Cancer Council Victoria site

4 Sep 2023

Full applications open (by invitation only)

10am - Tuesday
19 Sep 2023

Internal date for full application review by RIC

10am - Tuesday
3 Oct 2023

Final application submission documents due to RIC for RAO submission to sponsor


**CCV GIA 2024 EOI round is now open - this page will be updated with latest information shortly**

Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) Grants-in-Aid fund high-quality research into the causes, prevention, detection, diagnosis, and supportive care or treatment of cancer.

There are 12 CCV Grants-in-Aid available with a maximum of $100,000 available per year, per grant, for up to 2 or 3 years (maximum $300,000 per grant). Two of these grants will be offered to projects targeting mesothelioma (1 grant) and regional focus (1 grant). Funding start date is 1st January 2023.


  • Applicants can only submit and hold one CCV Grant-in-Aid as CIA. Applicants who hold a Grant-in-Aid with an end date beyond 31-Dec-2022 (including applications with no-cost extensions) are not eligible to apply in the 2022 Grant-in-Aid round.
  • Applicants must be Australian citizens or be permanent Australian residents.
  • In addition to one application as CIA, all applicants are eligible to be named on one CCV Grant-in-Aid application as non-CIA (i.e. CIB, CIC, etc.).
  • The CI team must not change between the EOI and the full application, except in extenuating circumstances.

Please note that all CCV documentation relating to this scheme can be found via the CCV Grants-in-Aid page. Application is submitted via an online grant application form through the CCV site, including an online application form and a PDF attachment EOI form. The application will require a Research Administering Organisation signature from RIC prior to the applicant submitting their final EOI to the sponsor.

Note regarding salary requests as part of your CCV Grant-in-Aid budget: please note that there are restrictions on eligible salaries and that salary on-costs cannot be requested as part of your budget – please ensure that you discuss this aspect with your Head of Department and Agreement Administrator/financial administrator so that they are aware of this before you submit your EOI to this scheme.

How to apply

Steps to be completed by Chief Investigator A (CIA):

  1. Review the funding documents & Submit an Expression of Interest to RIC

    The CIA should review the CCV Guidelines, Expression of Interest form document, online application form, and Funding Agreement (available from the CCV Grants-in-Aid page). Contact RIC ( to express your interest in applying for this scheme.

    Please note that the Funding Agreement is non-negotiable, so please ensure you have read it thoroughly as you agree to the terms of the agreement by submitting your application.

  2. Complete draft EOI application & email to RIC for review

    Complete your draft EOI form document and online EOI application form (found here). Once you have completed your online EOI application form, click Save for Later, then save the page as PDF (can be done by printing the page and selecting Save as PDF instead of your printer). Email the complete draft application that is review ready (including 3-page CVs for all CIs) to RIC for review by 10am Fri 10th June 2022.

  3. Complete the application after feedback

    After taking feedback from RIC into consideration, finalise your application. Upload final attachment and pay special attention to formatting requirements and file naming convention (GIA2022_CIASurname-Initial_EOI.pdf e.g. GIA2022_Smith-J_EOI.pdf). It is suggested that you seek advice from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.

  4. Obtain consent from Chief Investigators B - J (CIB - CIJ)

    Chief Investigator consent is required prior to final signing by RIC. Please ensure all CIs have provided their 3-page CVs (following the formatting instructions on the CCV Grant-in-Aid site) and have signed Section 9. Certification by Chief Investigators of your attachment document.

  5. Obtain Certification by Administering Organisation

    Submit your final application including all the following to RIC by 10am Tuesday 21st June:

    1. EOI Grant-in-Aid Application Form as PDF, signed by all CIs, and including 3-page CVs for every applicant in order of CIA, CIB, CIC, etc.
    2. Saved PDF of online application form with all responses visible
    3. Evidence of HoD approval
    4. UoM applicants: please note that a budget form/Research Costing and Pricing Tool will not be required for your EOI application, but will be required as part of your final application should you be invited to submit in the full application round.

    RIC will conduct a compliance check before arranging for sign-off on Section 10. The signed form will be returned to you, please upload it to your online application form.

  6. Submit the application in SmartyGrants

    CIA will need to submit the application through the CCV Grants-in-Aid site and will receive a submission confirmation email. Please forward this to RIC (

  7. Applicants invited to full application on Monday 5th September 2022

    Successful EOIs will be invited to full application stage on Monday 5th September 2022. Once informed of outcome, please notify RIC ( RIC will communicate full application instructions to applicants directly by email.

Supporting documents

When completing your Application Form, complete Section 10. Certification by Research Administration Officer with the following details:

  • Department: Reserach, Innovation and Commercialisation
  • Email:
  • Institution: University of Melbourne

Cancer Council Victoria (CCV) Documents/Links:



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