Other Australian grants

Accepting and managing your funding

A large number of Australian sponsors offer substantial grants. These sponsors range from large charities and other organisation listed in the Australian Competitive Grants Register offering Category 1 grants and fellowships to smaller organisation or philanthropists offering one off grants.

Grant offerings will be  listed in Research Professional as they become available.  Grants listed in Research Professional will be annotated with University of Melbourne specific application information. This information will only be available to those who log in to Research Professional using their University of Melbourne user account. Registration is free for all University of Melbourne staff.

Should you come across a funding opportunity you wish to apply for that lacks University of Melbourne specific application information, please email the relevant grants team.

  • DJPR Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund (VMRAF) & mRNA VMRAF

    The Victorian Medical Research Acceleration Fund (VMRAF) is designed to capitalise on Victoria’s comparative advantages in research, increase the efficiency of the Victorian health system and further enhance the Victorian economy. VMRAF provides $3 million per annum to support and accelerate health and medical research through the provision of one-off grants to successful applicants. This year, VMRAF is being complimented by the mRNA Victoria Research Acceleration Fund, a $2 million grant program to support and accelerate RNA-based therapeutics research.

  • Schemes for International Collaboration

    The University supports international collaboration through several opportunities across the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), the Department of Education and Training, and the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science, among others.

  • Victorian Cancer Agency Fellowships

    The Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) Early and Mid-Career Research Fellowship schemes are designed to support early and mid-career researchers undertaking high-quality translational cancer research. These fellowships provide funding to attract and retain talented individuals in the field of cancer research in Victoria. Both fellowships support the salary of the researcher and direct research costs of undertaking the research project.

  • Westpac Research Fellowships

    These Fellowships offer early career researchers a unique opportunity to support their groundbreaking research, provide access to networks, open career pathways and global experiences.