Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

Teachers as Embedded Practitioner-Researchers in Innovative Learning Environments

Blannin, J | Mahat, M | Cleveland, B | Morris, JE | Imms. W. (2020)

The paper introduces and explores the Plans to Pedagogy research programme, a three-year project focused on teacher capacity-building within schools. Plans to Pedagogy engages practitioner-researchers in the development of their and their colleagues’ spatial learning skills as they move into and attempt to take advantage of innovative learning environments. The ...

Building Connections: Schools as Community Hubs

Schools as Community Hubs Development Framework - Workshop 1 - Emerging themes & insights

Chandler, P | Cleveland, B. (2020)

On 7 May 2020, the Building Connections: Schools as Community Hubs ARC Linkage Project team facilitated an ambitious stakeholder workshop via Zoom. This workshop was the first of six that will inform the proposed Schools as Community Hubs Development Framework. The framework will address the planning, design, governance, management and ...

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change

The Space Design and Use survey: Establishing a reliable measure of educators’ perceptions of the use of learning environments

Mahat, M | Imms, W. (2020)

Significant investment in innovative learning environments (ILEs) around the world has created the need for a suite of reliable measures regarding their educational impact. Focusing specifically on principals’ perceptions of pedagogy and learning in a variety of spatial design types, this paper will argue the Space Design and Use survey ...


Rethink: Interdisciplinary evaluation of academic workspaces

Backhouse, S | Newton, C | Fisher, K | Cleveland, B | Naccarella, L. (2019)

Academic workspace remains an emotive topic. It is bound tightly with each academic’s identity, purpose and status. As universities increasingly focus on cross-disciplinary collaboration to producenew knowledge, the sanctuary of the individual office is under challenge. Inspired by precedents in the commercial world, universities are experimenting with more open workspace ...

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