Smart Green Schools

Sustainability vs. pedagogy: synergies and tensions to be resolved in the design of learning environments

Cleveland, B | Soccio, P | Hes, D. (2015)

Learning environments in schools are purpose-built spaces. They are designed to be places of learning and are inclusive of the building structure, the furniture, fixtures, incorporated technology and learning resources. In the 21st century, it has become common practice for the design of new learning environments to be driven by ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Are your school interiors giving you a pedagogical edge?

Frith, K. (2015)

This paper examines what inflence the interior design of primary school learning environments has on creating pedagogical advantage. Contemporary Australian education culture is characterised by a shift away from a teacher-centred transmission of information towards child-centred co-construction of knowledge, skills and understanding (Burke, 2013; Department of Education and Early Childhood ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Beyond the bounded notion of the classroom: A theoretical orientation for evaluating the geographies of New Generation Learning Environments

Healy, S | Grant, G | Villafranca, E | Yang, P. (2015)

Leander, Phillips and Taylor’s (2010) critique of the bounded notion of the classroom is our point of departure for investigating how learning contained within a static conceptual space limits understandings of the geographies of learning. We reframe the traditional perceptions of the classroom as a container to make explicit the ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Terrains 2015 Mapping learning environment evaluation across the design and education landscape: Towards the evidence-based design of education facilities

Imms, W | Cleveland, B | Mitcheltree, H. (2015)

Terrains, as its name suggested, was a cartographic examination of learning environment evaluation. It invited all higher-degree students working in learning environments to assemble and present a short synopsis of their research. Through the careful sequencing of papers, and input after each paper by expert interlocoteurs, Terrains explored how this ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Mediating contemporary learning through spatial change: An account of 'library-as-experimental-space'

Morrison, C. (2015)

Changing a school from traditional to contemporary learning is challenging. This paper presents anempirically researched account of how one primary school, struggling to bring about a more contemporary learning environment, ‘reimagined the geography of learning’ (Mulcahy, 2015) through redesigning the library as an experimental learning space. Altering the image of ...

Smart Green Schools

The other half of the picture: post-occupancy evaluation for alignment of space and pedagogy

Newton, C | Cleveland, B. (2015)

Prefabricated relocatable learning environments form an important component of school infrastructure in Australia but their light-weight construction means they often require air-conditioning for a comfortable indoor environment quality (IEQ). The ‘envi Sustainable Education Spaces’ were recently constructed by the Department of Education and Technology (DET) in Victoria to showcase a ...

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