Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Emerging Evaluation Knowledge in New Generation Learning Environments

Fisher, K. (2016)

There is a significant gap in learning environment discourse in connecting graduate attributes to affordances such as space, place, technology and pedagogy. Contemporary journals such as the International Journal of Learning Environments rarely include critical articles on aspects of the physical environment of learning communities (Cleveland & Fisher, 2014). Given ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Transforming Learning Spaces and the Impact on Pedagogical Approaches: A Beginning Teacher's Journey

Harper, A. (2016)

Beginning teachers have a range of concerns when they commence their first appointment. Foremost amongst these is classroom management. While beginning teachers aim to meet new curriculum challenges and develop their personal pedagogical approaches, these concerns are often made subordinate to their strong desire to maintain control at a classroom ...

Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments

Evaluating Learning Environments: Snapshots of Emerging Issues, Methods and Knowledge

Imms, W | Cleveland, B | Fisher, K. (2016)

The recent trend in innovative school design has provided exciting places to both learn and teach. New generation learning environments have encouraged educators to unleash responsive pedagogies previously hindered by traditional classrooms, and has allowed students to engage in a variety of learning experiences well beyond the traditional ‘chalk and ...

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