Check out the resources below to support you in the competition.

Effective Video Storytelling for Researchers

1. Finding your why

Chapter 1 of the 'Effective Video Storytelling for Researchers' series

2. Show, don't tell

Chapter 2 of the 'Effective Video Storytelling for Researchers' series

3. Your video lab at home

Chapter 3 of the 'Effective Video Storytelling for Researchers' series

Keeping your entry copyright compliant*

An Introduction to Copyright for Visualise Your ThesisTM Competition.

Seeking Permissions*

Using copyright materials for Visualise Your ThesisTM Competition.

Accessing expired copyright materials*

Using public domain works for Visualise Your ThesisTM Competition.

Existing Permissions*

Using Creative Commons for Visualise Your ThesisTM Competition.

Protecting your copyright materials*

Using your own materials for Visualise Your ThesisTM Competition

* While we endeavour to ensure that all content published in these Visualise Your Thesis videos is correct at the time of publishing, we make no warranty about the accuracy, completeness or reliability of this content. The information provided here is general information only and is not a substitute for legal advice.

Powerpoint Resources

Microsoft's PowerPoint Training Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for competition administrators

  • What’s in the competition kit for competition administrators?
    • Competition rules
    • Poster template (ppt)
    • Judging criteria and judging rubric
    • Technical instructions
    • How to run the competition
    • Competitor resources 
      • Competitor submission checklist
      • How to use the ePoster template
      • Tips for creating your ePoster
      • Tips for adding audio and video to your ePoster
    • Guidelines for the use of the Visualise Your Thesis identity and concept
  • What training is suggested for participants?

    It is up to individual participating institutions to devise and offer training sessions for competition entrants.

    The University of Melbourne, for the 2016, 2017 and 2018 competitions, offered the following supporting workshops:

    • working with PowerPoint
    • principles of graphic design and visual presentation
    • writing succinctly for a non-specialist audience

    We also recommend incorporating information on how to source and cite copyright-compliant visual or audio-visual material into any training sessions you decide to run.

  • How do I get the competition kit?

    Please register your institution for the competition to receive the competition kit

  • Are there any costs involved?

    There are no costs involved in participating in the competition; however, all local prizes are to be supplied by the individual participating institutions. The University of Melbourne does not provide prizes for local competitions.

    The 2019 International Competition final prize pool is:

    • 1st  prize - AUD$ 5,000
    • 2nd prize - AUD$2,000
    • 3rd prize - AUD$1,000
    • Viewers' Choice - TBA
  • Where can I get further information?

    Please contact us via for further information.

  • How does this competition differ from the Three Minute Thesis (3MT®)?

    This competition does not have a verbal presentation component and relies purely on each submission's visual presentation. Students who are in earlier stages of research (have not reached confirmation/ before writing up) are also welcome to enter the competition.