Carl Zeiss M1m Axio-Imager Microscope

Axio-Imager WS microscope provides brilliant optics with great contrast and resolution for generating image stacks and stitched photos serving as base maps.

Axio M1m
Carl Zeiss M1m Axio-Imager

MTRG hosts two Carl Zeiss M1m Axio-Imager microscopes that provide brilliant optics for great contrast and resolution. Each microscope is equipped with:

  • A Physik Instrumente piezo-motor scanning stage
  • An IDS µEye 4MP square-format, fast CMOS digital cameras
  • A joystick controller for manual stage movement.
  • Interfaced to a high-performance control   computer with an ultra-widescreen (21:9) high-resolution display.
  • Paired with Fission Track Studio software, a cross-platform, dual software suite that facilitates   photomicrograph acquisition (TrackWorks) and digital image analysis   (FastTracks), developed by the MTRG.

TrackWorks software provides a convenient operating environment for users to control the major function of the digital microscope and primarily to obtain transmitted and reflected light Z-stack image sets of minerals/materials of interest. The exported stack images can then be viewed and analysed in FastTracks software.

Moreover, the built-in mosaic function of TrackWorks offers an efficient and convenient way to create a stitched image covering a large sample area which can serve as a base map that greatly assists cross platform coordination and analysis.

For more information, please visit Melbourne thermochronology research group website.

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