Melbourne TrACEES Platform (Trace Analysis for Chemical, Earth and Environmental Sciences) is the first University platform to support existing and initiate new research requiring high quality surface chemical analysis, trace elemental and speciation analysis, and associated structural chemical analysis.

Our mission

Melbourne TrACEES Platform is dedicated to providing high quality and unique surface and chemical analysis, technical support and expertise for researches in chemical, earth, environmental, and life sciences together with ongoing training of research students and staff.

Our vision

Melbourne TrACEES Platform will offer world class surface and chemical analysis services to researchers of the University, other academic and research institutions and industry to support cutting edge researches and training development of research partnerships and excellence.

Other platforms

For more information about the wider platform community, please visit Research Website, which is available to all visitors. Details about the University’s research infrastructure related resources and services can be found on Research Gateway, which is available to the University of Melbourne staff and Graduate Researchers.