Electron microprobe analyser

Electron microprobe analyser is able to visualise and analyse all elements from Boron to Uranium.

Joel JXA-8530F plus

The state-of-the-art electron microprobe analyser is fully configured with five wavelength dispersive spectrometers (WDS) able to analyse all elements from Boron to Uranium with detection limits below 100 parts per millions (ppm).

In addition to the WDS channels, it has an energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) which can independently analyse the same range of elements at a detection limit of less than 2000 ppm.

In a combined mode, major elements on EDS and trace elements on WDS, scan time can be reduced substantially.

The instrument has a unique mapping capability which produces remarkably high quality X-ray elemental distributions relatively quickly. These elemental maps are ideal for showing zoning or exsolution in minerals and metals. The instrument has the latest electron gun configuration – an in-lens field emission with an extremely small, high brightness source. Using low accelerating voltages (5-7kV) results in an extremely small spot size enabling the instrument to analyse submicron areas with ease.

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