Transitions Australasia Research Symposium

Marshland School by  Stephenson & Turner/Hayball. Photo by Paul McCredie.

studioFive, Melbourne Graduate School of Education 234 Queensberry Street, Parkville VIC 3053 Melbourne, Victoria 3010 Australia


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Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN)

Now into its 4th year, the International LEaRN Graduate Research Symposium recognises that graduate researchers bring a wealth of practical experience and new thinking to issues such as this. Registration is open to all and includes a copy of all papers submitted.

The program included keynote address and 12 papers by emerging researchers in the field of learning environments and explored:

  • How well are teachers making this transition?
  • Are these spaces facilitating any improvement in teaching practices?
  • What evidence exists that these spaces are improving student experiences and learning?
  • What is needed to help teachers better utilise space as one of their pedagogic tools?

A section of keynotes presented at Transitions Melbourne is available below:

Image: Marshland School by Stephenson & Turner JV Hayball. Photo by Paul McCredie