Illumina co-locating with Melbourne Uni

New strategic partnership between the University and genomics giant Illumina

Today Professor James McCluskey (DVC-R) announced an exciting strategic partnership between the University and one of the world’s leading biotech companies, Illumina.

The partnership will focus on genomics-based biomedical research and innovation in the detection and management of diseases such as cancer, and involve Illumina co-locating with the University as part of the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct.

The relationship will provide interdisciplinary opportunities for University researchers to work with Illumina on biomedical and clinical innovation. Professor Sean Grimmond, Bertalli Chair in Cancer and Director of the University of Melbourne Centre for Cancer Research, will be the University’s lead academic.

Beginning in March, Professor Grimmond, together with support from Prof. Mark Hargreaves (PVC – Research Collaboration & Partnerships) from my office and additional support from RIC, will chair a series of small forum interdisciplinary workshops on the University’s genomics capability and opportunities for collaboration with Ilumina.

The field of genomics offers significant opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration across HASS and STEM in areas such as bioinformatics and data science, health economics, law and education.

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