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Fruitful International collaborations

Kim-Anh and her collaborators A/Prof Olivier Chapleur (INRAE, France), and Dr Stijn Hawinkel (Ghent University) have published two articles.

With Chapleur lab, they applied one of the mixOmics method to integrate independent anaerobic digestion microbial studies (details here:

Poirier S, Déjean, S, Midoux, C, Lê Cao K-A, Chapleur O (2020). Integrating independent microbial studies to build predictive models of anaerobic digestion inhibition by ammonia and phenol. Bioresource Technology


During his MIG 4-month visit, Stijn developed a new method to integrate and visualise multi-omics data with compositional structure (more details here:

Hawinkel S, Bijnens L, Lê Cao K-A, Olivier Thas (2020). Model-based joint visualization of multiple compositional omics datasetsNAR Genomics and Bioinformatics


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