SysGen Seminar – Kiymet Bozaoglu – 8th September, 2017

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Andrew Siebel

T: +61 3 8344 0707

Kiymet Bozaoglu

Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI)

Friday 8th September
FW Jones Theatre, 3rd Floor, Medical Building, The University of Melbourne

Are we on TRAK with understanding complex disease genetics?

Progress into complex disease genetics has improved with the wealth of data that is available from modern genomic technologies, including genome wide association studies, and Next Generation sequence data sets. However, the major limitation in translating genetic discoveries into improved human health is the lack of understanding the biological outcomes resulting from these identified variants. Therefore, large scale gene discovery platforms need to be accompanied by extensive functional validation studies to determine how the genes may be pathogenic to a particular disease. Today I will take you on a journey from gene discovery to functional validation in the context of cardiovascular disease.

Dr Bozaoglu is a Senior Research Officer at the Bruce Lefroy Centre for Genetics Health Research at MCRI. She has a strong background in genetics and molecular biology and her research focus is on understanding the genetics of complex diseases. She has been involved in a number of large human datasets to identify novel genes associated with complex diseases and then characterising these genes using functional genomics. Her work has predominantly been on obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and has more recently moved into neurogenetics and focusing on autism spectrum disorder. Today she will be presenting some of her work on cardiovascular disease that was recently accepted into the European Heart Journal.

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