MIG Seminar – Garrett Hellenthal – 10th May, 2019

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Andrew Siebel


T: +61 3 8344 0707

Garrett Hellenthal

Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University College London

Friday 10th May
Agar Theatre, BioSciences 4 Building, The University of Melbourne

Inferring ancestry and selection in human populations using genome-wide SNP data

I will describe new developments in applying haplotype based methods to SNP-chip data in order to infer the ancestral history of individuals and populations, including identifying and dating pulses of recent (less than 5K-year-old) intermixing (admixture) among different groups. I will showcase a few results from on-going applications of these models to data from e.g. Latin Americans and Ethiopians. I will also describe new tests for identifying genetic regions affected by selection, including in admixed individuals. Finally, if time I will go beyond genetic sequence data and describe recent work exploring how patterns in methylation vary among human populations.

Enquiries: Andrew Siebel (asiebel@unimelb.edu.au)