An evening bloom, 2020, Video

Brodie Kokkinos is a conceptual artist who uses performance as a means to create spatio-temporal situations within visual art spaces. Her conceptual concerns reveal intimate conversations and peculiar psychological encounters, and her recent works engage with the haunting presence of the absent body in physical spaces.

Kokkinos has exhibited and performed in gallery spaces throughout Melbourne, including West Space and Kings ARI, whilst engaging in unconventional exhibition locations as a part of her practice. Kokkinos completed her BFA at RMIT in 2018 and is currently completing Honours in Fine Art at Victorian College of the Arts.

An evening bloom speaks to transition, repetition and intimacy. Through a transition of time and place, two lovers' voices haunt the empty space. Bodies take form, they change shape, colour, wetness, dryness. Forever, Die, Love, Dead. Forever, Die, Love, Dead. Sound activates a still image. The connotation of each word is lost through semantic gestures. They become sound emptied of meaning. Forever, Die, Love, Dead.