Dr Sophie Knezic

Lecturer in Critical & Theoretical Studies
Victorian College of the Arts

Sophie Knezic lectures in the Critical and Theoretical Studies Dept at VCA, the University of Melbourne and in the Art History and Theory Dept at the School of Art, RMIT University. Sophie is also a writer, scholar and visual artist whose research in contemporary art works across practice and theory. Her specialisms include the aesthetics and metaphysics of transparency, immaterialism, spectrality, memory, temporality, humour and sound. Sophie’s critical writing has been published in journals including Broadsheet JournalEvental Aesthetics: An Independent Journal of Philosophy, and Invisible Culture: An Electronic Journal for Visual Culture, and she is a regular contributor to FriezeMemo ReviewArt Monthly Australasia and Australian Book Review. Her work has been widely exhibited in artist-run spaces and public venues across Melbourne, including the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Blindside and Linden Centre for Contemporary Art. She has participated in many international art history conferences, most recently Between Memory and Oblivion: Contemporary Arts and European Fascisms, at the Max Planck Institute for Art History at the Académie de France à Rome, Villa Medici and Bibliotheca Hertziana (2019).

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