US-GAP Funding

Critical Dates

09 Feb 2020
11:59pm (AEST)

Scheme opens, awarded monthly until funds expended - apply here

24 Feb 2020
11:59pm  (AEST)

First round of applications reviewed

16-25 Mar 2020
11:59pm  (AEST)

On campus visit of Research Partnerships Manager (USA)

Oct 2020

On campus visit of Research Partnerships Manager (USA)

30 Nov 2020
11:59pm  (AEST)

Scheme closes


The United States Grants Accelerator Program (US GAP) supports researchers at the University of Melbourne to access US collaborators and funding agencies.  In the US funding landscape, it is widely accepted that making initial contact and building relationships with funding agency staff is a strong predictor of success in obtaining funding. The US GAP offers differing levels of support, intended to respond to the varying needs of researchers and their disciplines, including professional staff development.


The program has three streams of funding:

  • Travel Funds. Assists researchers to visit US collaborators and funding agencies. The funds may also be used to support the visit of US collaborators to Melbourne. Researchers are invited to apply for up to AUD $5,000 (1:1 faculty match required).
    As of 10 Feb, there have been 0 awarded travel grants out of 15 available.
  • Workshop/Joint Meeting Funds.  Supports an intensive engagement with at least one US collaborator; multiple collaborators are encouraged. Researchers are invited to apply for up to AUD $20,000 (1:1 faculty match).  Additionally, partner institutions must also contribute at a 1:1 match to support the collaborator’s involvement.
    As of 10 Feb, there have been 0 awarded workshop grants out of 4 available.
  • Professional Staff.  Provides professional staff supporting international research with hands on training in partnership with the International Grants team and the Research Partnership Manager (USA).  Activities include a visit the US to learn about funding opportunities, proposal development and award execution, with the intent to directly support researchers exploring, navigating, or applying to international funding opportunities.
    As of 10 Feb, there have been 0 awarded professional staff grants out of 3 available.

Academic Divisions may apply their own limits to the quantity and value of grants.

How to apply

  1. Review the funding documents

    Review the guidelines available at the bottom of this page.

  2. Submit an online application

    It is advised that FRM offices and RIC are consulted before submission. Approval at the faculty will be weighted strongly. Chancellery Research and Enterprise (CRE) will review the submissions and advise success monthly. Funds will be awarded until expended. Awards numbers will be updated regularly on this website.

    Access the online application here. First time applicants to SmartyGrants will be directed to create a login.

Supporting documents

US GAP guidelines

Online Application


Andrea Moshier, Research Partnerships Manager (USA)