Research Initiatives Fund Collaborative Equipment Grant Scheme

Critical Dates

Application Round Dates

June 1st 2022

Applications Open

9am, July 18th  2022

Applications Close

September 2nd 2022

Notification of Outcome

December 19th 2022

Acquittal of Funds (pending confirmation of year end calendar)


The University’s RIF Collaborative Equipment Grant Scheme provides funding for cutting-edge infrastructure of critical mass that cannot feasibly be acquired through National funding schemes. Aligning with principles of the Melbourne Collaborative Research Infrastructure Program (MCRIP), the RIF Collaborative Equipment Grant aims to support equipment purchases of a collaborative nature, i.e. those that represent the needs of a number of research areas and have impact beyond a single research group.

Research infrastructure is a ubiquitous enabling resource that contributes to the competitive positioning of the University. The University currently hosts 23 individual platforms spanning the full spectrum of the University’s research efforts. There are considerable restrictions placed on national pools of funds that allow for capital expenditure on research infrastructure. ARC Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant applications for example, are primarily intended to support technologies considered cutting-edge in their field, are high-end and are the focal point of significant (external) collaborative activity. However, there is a significant amount of 'workhorse' research infrastructure across the University that is not of sufficient critical mass to warrant a platform model of operation but that is an important element of the University’s research endeavour. In order to maintain business continuity and ensure competitive advantage, a replacement mechanism for this equipment is required. This scheme provides support for the purchase or refresh of technology outside of national competitive infrastructure grant funding.


The total pool of funds for the 2022 RIF Collaborative Equipment Grant Scheme is $800,000.

Key eligibility criteria include:

  • An expectation of a minimum cash co-investment of 25% of the total purchase price of equipment.
  • The purchase price of the requested equipment is usually expected to meet a minimum threshold of $100,000.
  • The application must be deemed to pass the ‘collaborative test’ (see Funding Rules).
  • The lead applicant must have a 0.5 FTE (or greater) appointment within the University.

Please refer to the Funding Rules for more detailed information on eligibility and the Instructions to Applicants for basic guidance on how to prepare an application.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with the Research Infrastructure team in RIC prior to or during application development.

How to apply

  1. Review the Scheme's supporting documents

  2. Register an account on SmartyGrants

  3. Complete the application form on SmartyGrants

  4. Submit the application by the due date as indicated

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