MRFF Biomedical Translation Bridge Program - Round 3



Notice of Intent (NOI) registration OPEN


Submit draft application for review and a copy of your IP statement (this will enable MRFF team to assign a Business Development Manager  to address Development Strategy (30%) of your application)  

Monday, 1 June 2020

Complete entry of online application details and submit application to sponsor before 5pm. Please forward the submitted application to RIC for record purposes.


This COVID-19 specific BTB Program - Round 3 is aimed to support eligible organisations to develop medical devices, diagnostics, prophylactic or therapeutic approaches that will achieve an impact on the global response to the pandemic in less than 12-months.

This BTB program call will fund COVID-19 projects with:
▪ A clear value proposition for the proposed medical device product or prophylactic or therapeutic approach;
▪ Differentiating features from currently available solutions or those in clinical development nationally and on the global market; and
▪ Delivery of impact in the current pandemic in less than 12-months.

Interested parties are encouraged to discuss potential applications with MTPConnect and the BTB Venture Partners (BioCurate, the Medical Device Partnering Program and UniQuest).


Up to $1 million is available to support eligible organisation to achieve the objectives outlined above..

Funded projects must have a completion date of no later than 31 August 2021.

This program requires at least 1:1 matching cash contribution provided by the applicant.


  • This program requires at least 1:1 matching cash contribution provided by the applicant.
  • The applicant’s project must involve the development of a product (prophylactic, therapeutic or medical device) that has potential markets beyond Australia;
  • The applicant must provide evidence of technical and/or commercial feasibility of their product;
  • The applicant must demonstrate access to the relevant know how and/or existing and/or potential intellectual property (IP) that will be necessary to progress their product;
  • Applications must relate to research or related activities which are to be undertaken in Australia unless otherwise approved by MTPConnect. Activities that are critical to the success of the project that cannot be undertaken in Australia will be considered for eligibility on a case by case basis.
  • Where applicable (public research organisations), applications should be approved by the relevant technology transfer/business development office prior to submission.

Selection Process

Application to this BTB Program call will be conducted through a two-stage process. During Stage 1, applicants will submit a non-confidential EOI through SmartyGrants, the BTB online application portal. Eligible EOIs will be reviewed by the BTB Selection Panel against an indicative list of selection criteria outlined further in this document. EOI applications strongly aligned with the objectives and desired outcomes of the Program will be invited to proceed to a Stage 2 Proposal. Unsuccessful EOIs will receive feedback from MTPConnect on areas where the EOI was less competitive.

Stage 2 Proposal applications will be prepared and submitted by the applicant with assistance provided by the matched BTB Venture Partner (BioCurate, MDPP or UniQuest). At Stage 2, applicants may be required to disclose confidential information to MTPConnect and the BTB Venture Partner. This will be done after entering into a Confidential Disclosure Agreement. Standard terms and conditions will apply and cannot be changed. All confidential information disclosed in Stage 2 must be clearly identified as “Confidential”.

How to apply

  1. Notice of Intent: Please register your Notice of Intent if you are considering applying for the MRFF BTB program.  RIC-MRFF team will then contact each applicant with further information.
  2. Review documentation: Review the  BTB Program grant guidelines available below and the BTB Program opportunity page.
  3. Create online application: via MTP Connect BTB EOI application page
  4. Submit draft application to RIC: Provide completed sample application form, IP statement and all required attachements to RIC within the RIC internal submission period for review.
  5. Complete application: After taking feedback from the RIC team and Business Development Manager, complete the application on the portal. It is suggested advice is sought from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.
  6. Final submission: Submit the application on the online portal.
  7. Sent a copy of your final application to RIC at

Supporting documents

Sponsor Documents

Grant Guidelines


Sample Application Form - Medical Device Project

Sample application Form - Therapeutic Projects

RIC Support

Please contact the MRFF team at to discuss support available.


MRFF BTB Program questions and primary email

Key Contacts

Alvin Wong and Catherine Nobes
T: +61 3 8344 9352 (Alvin) & +61 3 8344 1471 (Catherine)