Genomics Health Futures Mission Flagships Pathogen Genomics

Key Dates

16 July 2019 - Scheme opens. Submit Notice of Intent (NOI) ASAP

26 Aug 2019 - First draft due to MRFF team & request for CEO letter of support and co-investment form

5 Sept 2019 - Final draft due to MRFF team

12 Sept 2019 (5.00 pm AEST) - Final application deadline


View supporting documents from the UoM MRFF Initiatives team.

Relevant documents including the sample application template, guidelines and factsheet can be found on the Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science webpage, as well as access to the online application form.

For support, email MRFF Project Officer Catherine Nobes at; Tel: 03 83441471


The objective of the Genomics Health Futures Mission (GHFM) is to engage with communities to help save or transform the lives of more than 200,000 Australians through research into better testing, diagnosis and treatment, reduce health costs and to improve patient outcomes. Flagships will build on a significant pre-existing body of evidence for an intervention and are intended to test the value, scalability and/or system preparedness of implementing genomic interventions in the clinic and adoption in mainstream health care. A total of $106 million over 9 years have been announced.

The Grant Opportunity

Pathogen Genomics is the first round of the Flagships Scheme

Total pool: $32 million over four years with $8 million available each year

Total request of $1 million - $10 million

Project duration - 3.5 years (reduced from 4 years due to delay in opening of the round)

Earliest start - Dec 2019 | Must end 30 June 2023


Applications must provide the following additional documents in addition to being submitted via the University.

  • evidence from your board (or chief executive officer or equivalent if there is no board) that the project is supported, and that you can complete the project and meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding
  • a project plan, including risk management plan
  • a detailed project budget
  • an intellectual property plan
  • a data management plan