BTB Round 2 - 2020



Notice of Intent (NOI) registration OPEN

Thursday, 27th February 2020

Submit draft application for review and a copy of your IP statement (this will enable MRFF team to assign a Business Development Manager  to address Commercial  Criteria (30%) of your application)  

Friday, 6 March 2020

Complete entry of online application details and submit application to sponsor before 5pm. Please forward the submitted application to RIC for record purposes.


The BTB Program aims to nurture health and medical research ventures to reach commercial proof-of-concept with the potential to attract further capital and support. Activities supported will include hit-lead optimisation and validation studies (therapeutic focused projects), prototype development and product testing (medical device focused projects), as well as regulatory support, pre-clinical and clinical trial activity.

The BTB program aims to address key national gaps in Australia’s research sector and support three goals:

  • Increased commercialisation focus and expertise in early stage research and decision-making across Australia;
  • Accelerated development, and improved success, of early stage research that has commercial potential so that it can ultimately be commercialised into products that improve the health outcomes of Australians as well as contribute to the Australian economy;
  • Helping to identify existing and new sources of capital investment to bolster awareness and interest in early research investment opportunities.

The BTB program will fund:

  • Research and development projects to achieve proof-of-concept;
  • Development to progress novel therapeutics or medical devices. There must be a clear value proposition for the proposed drug candidate or medical device product and differentiating features from currently available solutions.


Up to $1 million is available to help eligible organisations fund and nurture health and medical research to reach proof-of-concept with potential to attract further capital and support.

Funded projects must have a completion date of no later than 30 June 2022.

This program requires at least 1:1 matching cash contribution provided by the applicant.


  • This program requires at least 1:1 matching cash contribution provided by the applicant.
  • Where the applicant entity is a public sector research organisation, this EOI form must be completed in conjunction with the institutional Business Development/Technology Transfer Office.

How to apply

  1. Notice of Intent: Please register your Notice of Intent if you are considering applying for the MRFF BTB program.  RIC-MRFF team will then contact each applicant with further information.
  2. Review documentation: Review the  BTB Program grant guidelines available below and the BTB Program opportunity page.
  3. Create online application: via MTP Connect BTB EOI application page
  4. Submit draft application to RIC: Provide completed sample application form, IP statement and all required attachements to RIC within the RIC internal submission period for review.
  5. Complete application: After taking feedback from the RIC team and Business Development Manager, complete the application on the portal. It is suggested advice is sought from colleagues, Faculty Mentors, etc. before finalising the application.
  6. Final submission: Submit the application on the online portal.
  7. Sent a copy of your final application to RIC at

Supporting documents

Sponsor Documents

Grant Guidelines


Sample Application Form - Medical Device Project

Sample application Form - Therapeutic Projects

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RIC Support

Please contact the MRFF team at to discuss support available.


MRFF BTB Program questions and primary email

Key Contacts

Alvin Wong and Catherine Nobes
T: +61 3 8344 9352 (Alvin) & +61 3 8344 1471 (Catherine)