Westpac Research Fellowships

17 June 2020

Westpac Research Fellowship Applications open

9 July 2020

Online webinar

27 July 2020

Expressions of Interest (EOI) form due to RIC

3 August 2020

Notification of EOI outcome

19 August 2020

Final full applications due to RIC

25 August 2020

Applications due to Westpac

25 September -  16 October 2020

University central short listing

20 October 2020

Notification of shortlisted applicants (2 successful selected)

8 - 9 December 2020

National  Assessment Centre, Sydney

15 December 2020

Notification of Fellowship recipients

These Fellowships offer early career researchers a unique opportunity to support their groundbreaking research, provide access to networks, open career pathways and global experiences.

Fellowship recipients will be exceptional people, chosen for their intellectual ability, leadership qualities, and commitment to the community. Successful Fellows will be undertaking research that has the ability to make a difference to Australia’s future in one of the Foundation’s priority areas:

* Technology and innovation;

* Strengthening Australia-Asia ties; or

* Enabling positive social change.

NOTE: Funding requests for the purpose of medical research as defined in the ARC Medical Research Policy available on the Australian Research Council website will not be considered.

Westpac Bicentennial Foundation (now the Westpac Scholars Trust) will offer two Westpac Research Fellowships valued at over $400,000 over 3 years, with the option to extend to 5 years. Final value may be less or more as each Fellow’s salary and on-costs will vary according to the university and at what level the Fellow is employed. Included in this amount is access to the Westpac Professional Development Fund and research costs.

Download Funding Guidelines

The Westpac Research Fellowship is a co-funded by the Westpac Scholars Trust and The University Of Melbourne, as follows:

a. Salary Funding

Funded by: Westpac Scholars Trust

Amount:$110,000 per year, for three years

The Westpac Research Fellowship may not fund salaries of Fellows who are the recipients of another salary-funding Award (e.g. DECRA) at the same time. If you are currently on another salary-funding Award / Fellowship, or are the recipient of a salary-funding Award at the time the Westpac Research Fellowship (WRF) is awarded, you may request:

  • a reallocation of the Westpac-funded amount ($330,000 or part thereof) to another needed resource related to your research e.g. research costs; and/or
  • an extension of up to an additional two years to utilise the Westpac Research Fellowship salary funding.

These requests must be approved by the Westpac Scholars Trust and your host university and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

b. Salary Top-Up

Chancellery (Research) has approved the salary top up required will be covered under the conditions of the Fellowship funding policy: https://staff.unimelb.edu.au/research/grants/fellowship-salary-gap-management-process

c. Westpac Professional Development Fund 

Funded by: Chancellery (Research)

Amount: $30,000 over the length of the Fellowship

d. Research Budget

Funded by: The University of Melbourne (Cash contribution 2:1 basis - Department/school/faculty: Chancellery. Please note Chancellery (Research) contribution is capped at $35,000 and is conditional on the Fellowship being awarded) *MDHS applicants please note, co-funding must be requested on a 1:1:1 basis, (Faculty, Department/School, DVCR)

Amount: A fully costed budget for the research project is required in the application. The Research Budget must exclude those costs funded by the Fellowship i.e. salary, on costs and Westpac Professional Development Fund.

Note the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) or equivalent will be required to confirm support for the proposed research budget in their Letter of Support.

Amount: Max $105,000 over three years

  • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident;
  • You must have been awarded a PhD between 1 September 2014 and 1 September 2017; or have obtained an Eligibility Exemption from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) or equivalent;

      If your PhD was awarded before 1 September 2014, you may be considered for an exemption. An Eligibility Exemption will be provided up to a maximum of four years for the following career interruptions:

      - carer’s responsibility;

      - illness;

      - maternity or parental leave and/or

      - non-research employment not concurrent with research employment.

  • Your proposed area of research must be in a field of research at a participating university with an Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) four digit Field of Research (FOR) rating of 5 (“well above world standard”). For a comprehensive list of FOR codes by university, visit the Australian Research Council’s website http://www.arc.gov.au/era-outcomes
  • You must commence your research by 30 June 2021;
  • Your proposed research must contribute to the future of Australia in one of the Foundation’s three focus areas
  • Your proposed research must include international opportunities which will develop your leadership skills and global networks, such as; study tours for the purpose of research, attending a short course or conference, an internship or volunteering;
  • You are able to supply two letters of reference - Personal & Academic
  • Should your application progress to the final stage, you must be able to attend one of the National Assessment Centres to be held in Sydney on 8/19 December 2020.
  • You have read the ARC’s definition of Medical and Dental research and your proposal lies outside of this definition.
  1. Submit a completed Expressions of Interest (EOI) form 
    27 July

    Link to download: EOI form

    Send completed form and a short CV to ric-philanthropicgrants@unimelb.edu.au

    NOTE: If applicable, eligibility exemption requests must also be submitted at this time

  2. Notification of EOI outcome
    3 August

    Each applicant will be notified whether they can proceed to full application stage

  3. Final applications due to RIC
    19 August

    Please send a pdf copy of the complete application to ric-philanthropicgrants@unimelb.edu.au

    RIC will review for eligibility and compliance, and will arrange DVCR sign off.

  4. Applications due to Westpac
    Close midnight AEST 25 August

  5. Westpac Scholars Trust eligibility checks
    26 August -  4 September

  6. University central shortlisting
    25 September -  16 October

  7. Notification of shortlisting outcomes
    20 October

    2 shortlisted applicants invited to attend the Assessment Centre. Unsuccessful applicants notified of outcome.

  8. National Assessment Centre, Sydney
    8 - 9 December

    All shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an interview in Sydney. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation.

  9. Notification of Fellowship outcomes
    15 December

Lyndal Nicholson ph. 903 54368