ARC Special Research Initiatives - Antarctic Science


ARC Special Research Initiatives - Antarctic Science

Under the Australian Research Council (ARC) Special Research Initiatives scheme, the Australian Government will support the Special Research Initiative in Excellence in Antarctic Science (SRIEAS) for funding commencing in 2020.

Up to $56 million in total funding for up to seven years, will be available to support a range of research projects.

The objectives of the SRIEAS grant opportunity are to:

  1. support excellent research in identified Australian Antarctic science priority research themes;
  2. contribute to a coordinated and collaborative approach to Antarctic, Subantarctic and Southern Ocean research that builds on Australia’s existing capability in this area;
  3. build Australian research capacity in this area by supporting researchers of the highest international standing as well as high quality postdoctoral researchers and research students; and
  4. advance Australia’s capabilities and knowledge in Antarctic research.

There are two different levels of funding that can be requested:

  1. Large Investment stream
    • $1 million to $8 million per year
    • Must involve multiple Other Eligible Organisations and Partner Organisations
  2. Project stream
    • $300,000 to $1 million per year
    • Can involve other organisations

Requests for $8 million p.a. for seven years will only be granted in very exceptional circumstances where the bid represents a national research enterprise that is larger in scale than a Centre of Excellence, addressing multiple Australian Antarctic science priority themes, and bringing together a number of national and international experts in the field.

If you wish to discuss potential application for this round, please register your Notice of Intent and email Major Initiatives

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