Research interview activity updates

Since March 2020, research interviews have started in Building Connections: Schools as Community Hubs project.

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After months of desk-based research, primary data collection has commenced following ethics approval.

Dr Philippa Chandler has conducted a number of interviews in Queensland and Victoria with architects, school principals, local council representatives and NGO employees involved in service-delivery.

Interviewees have been both frank and insightful. For example, interviewees were asked…

What is your advice to someone working in this context?

and answers included:

  • Make sure your vision is clear (Former school principal)
  • Be as collaborative as possible, be open to new ideas…it can’t be one person’s journey (Former school principal)
  • Research existing examples … Know that it is worth doing and persevere … Drive it with some passion because that is the way it will all come to fruition. Stay the course (School architect #1)
  • Be prepared to be frustrated. Have patience … because you will be frustrated at the … people who have a fixed view that they’re right! There’s lots of different ways to do this sort of stuff and being flexible is important (School architect #2)

We greatly appreciate the time these interviewees have given us!

Interviews will continue throughout May and June 2020 using video conferencing technology.

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