New Critical Policy Brief co-authored by Building Connections' A/Prof Ian McShane

Building Connections' Chief Investigator A/Prof Ian McShane joins colleagues at RMIT University’s Urban Futures institute in launching a policy brief on urban schools, part of a wider set of short briefs on topical urban issues.

report cover of rethinking urban schools policy brief

The school age population in Melbourne’s five inner-city local government areas has been estimated to increase between 30-60 per cent by 2026. The Victorian Government has recognised the need to respond to growth in inner city areas and elsewhere with an extensive program of school construction across the State. The provision of schools in inner-city areas will involve constructing new education facilities within constrained physical spaces - including design of vertical schools - and establishing partnerships with the local community and businesses where no prior relationship exists. Planning for new urban schools presents an opportunity to re-think the way in which education is delivered, including the role of schools as educational community facilities.

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s education, design and construction, and urban planning research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges and opportunities in the establishment of new urban schools.

Join Building Connections' Chief Investigator A/Prof Ian McShane in a virtual launch event on Monday 30 November 1-2pm AEDT - more information.

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