LEaRN activities during COVID-19 lockdown

The LEaRN team's continued research activities from the confinements of our home offices.

We are living in extraordinary times - we hope everyone has been able to keep safe and connected with your family, friends and loved ones even though the pandemic has seemingly put a giant pause button to many aspects of our everyday life.

With the home environments double - and triple - acting as school and office, we sure have had great reflections on our work in learning environments research we hope to explore over the upcoming months. Meanwhile, over the last three months of transitioning into this new normal mode of working, we have fortunately managed to continue our research, teaching and learning while making inevitable changes (including delaying our annual Talking Spaces event to October - PSA: early bird tickets still available until 31 August!).

screenshot of LEaRN Impact article

LEaRN has been featured in a Research Impact article on the new University of Melbourne Research website, launched in May 2020 (above). We also started calling for contributions for the LEaRN@Home initiative, starting with crowd-sourcing a Padlet board of ideas for learning at home. More to come in the next few months.

Meanwhile, ILETC project published the conference proceedings from the Transitions19 in October 2019. The Building Connections team has continued the research activities, successfully hosted a virtual workshop initially intended to be in Brisbane, QLD; and two Project Management Committee (PMC) meetings, all via Zoom. This has given us the opportunity to partners, informants and stakeholders beyond physical boundaries.

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Take care, and stay in touch!

- The LEaRN team.

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