Building Connections Research


Our data collection tools include:


In addition to academic articles, conference proceedings, reports from our first, second and third workshops, and PhD theses (to come), the outcomes of our project are:

Sharing Schools, Building Communities
  • A public exhibition from 18 July to 26 August 2022: learn more
Schools as Community Hubs: Global perspectives on building ‘more than a school’ for community benefit 
  • A book of 21 chapters by leading researchers and industry practitioners.
  • Editors: Cleveland, Backhouse, Chandler, McShane, Clinton, Newton.
  • Publisher: Springer (open access)
  • Available in late 2022.
How to Hub Australia
  • A framework for building schools as community hubs
  • Evidence and advice for school and hub leaders and stakeholders, policymakers in state and local governments, and designers and architects.
  • A suite of online resources to help overcome obstacles that commonly limit the use of school facilities for broader community benefit.
  • Available in late 2022.

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