Talking Spaces 1: Smart Green Schools

Wooranna Park Primary School, Mary Featherston Design. Photo by Dianna Snape.

More Information

Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN)

Talking Spaces will take participants on a journey into the issues associated with building and teaching in educational environments. Sessions will explore how pedagogies and learning spaces have evolved over time. Speakers will describe the inception, development, implementation, integration of new pedagogies, school philosophies and spatial designs. The symposium will close with a panel of speakers who will provide symposium participants with their predictions for the future of learning spaces. Participation in a site visit to explore some new learning spaces followed by an interdisciplinary workshop will help participants understand other professions' architectural and educational understandings of learning spaces.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the program are to help educators further their understanding of physical learning spaces in relation to pedagogies and architects/designers to further their understanding of pedagogies and the spatial needs of educators. It is anticipated that participants will gain the basic skills required for educator and architects/designers to work effectively together to better meet the learning and welfare needs of students.


The program commences with the launch of Take 8 and a public lecture. This is followed by six sessions of discussions, site visits anbd workshops that run over a further one and a hald days. The focus is on issues associated with communciation and change during projects - from conception to site use.

Banner: Wooranna Park Primary School, Mary Featherston Design. Photo by Dianna Snape.