The Family Zone: a school-based, multi-partnership approach to child and family wellbeing


Schools can be vitally important centres of family safety and wellbeing, as evidenced by the Family Zone managed by Lutheran Community Care at Ingle Farm Primary School in northern Adelaide. The Family Zone co-locates at Ingle Farm Primary School through a lease agreement with the SA Minister of Education, works in close affiliation with school leadership, and is funded through Commonwealth, State, philanthropic and local donor sources. The Family Zone sustains access to broad health, family wellbeing and child protection services alongside the school and a co-located State-funded Children’s Centre. The Family Zone offers a case study of a particular model of schools as community hubs. The community benefit of the Family Zone prompts suggestions for policy development to optimise the re-utilisation of existing school facilities and the design and provision of new school-based resources to achieve enhanced community connections and wellbeing.

Keywords:  Family Zone, family wellbeing, connection, partnership, re-utilisation, policy

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