Calvary Community Hub


The Calvary Community comprises Calvary Lutheran Primary School, Calvary Lutheran Church, Calvary Kindergarten, Noarlunga Children’s Centre, Opportunity Shop, Men’s Shed and Emergency Housing. This paper outlines how ‘Family Zone’, a model that aims to bring together a range of support programs to break a generational cycle of marginalisation, will be adopted to create a thriving Calvary Community Hub. This child and parenting program developed by Lutheran Community Care focuses on family wellbeing by providing access to needs based professional and volunteer assistance. Building trust and rapport is the key to long- term relationship change and improved lifelong outcomes. Enhancing the existing co-location by co-creating a common vision and purpose can be achieved with collaboration and cooperation. Overcoming operational barriers and sharing resources is a challenge. This paper includes architectural concept designs in response to the needs and aspirations for a thriving Calvary Community Hub.

Keywords:  family wellbeing, improved lifelong outcomes

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