LEaRN is a multidisciplinary forum, a portal and an international network bringing together academia and industry to research, imagine and discuss physical learning environments in school, vocational, university, medical and corporate contexts.

LEaRN is based on an understanding that the built environment critically impacts the educational experiences of teachers and learners and that applied research and design of innovative learning environments will bring community benefit.

Over the past decade, LEaRN has brought together business/ industry, teaching, research, consultancy, policy/ government and academia in dynamic partnerships. Partners contribute to setting innovative research agendas, the outcomes of which are shared across the network as research is developed for feedback, engagement and collaboration.

What we do

  • Link

    Link national and international expertise in physical learning environments.

  • Connect

    Develop multidisciplinary partnerships.

  • Bridge

    Create a bridge between industry and academia.

  • Advocate

    Maximise the impact of individual endeavours.

  • Generate

    Support new knowledge development and respect its intellectual ownership.

  • Advise

    Inform government, media and stakeholders as a peak body of expertise.

  • Communicate

    Communicate cutting-edge research.

Rearranging the way we learn

Watch how researchers are seeking to improve the way children learn by changing the way school classrooms are structured. Proudly featured as part of the Made Possible by Melbourne campaign.

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Banner Image: Arnolds Creek Primary School, ClarkeHopkinsClarke. Photo by by Rhiannon Slatter.

Opportunities Image: St Mary of the Cross Primary School, Baldasso Cortese Architects. Photo by Peter Clarke.