Reconciliations of gene and species phylogenies

Supervisor: Yao-ban Chan

Available for: PhD

Location: Melbourne Integrative Genomics, University of Melbourne

Project title: Reconciliations of gene and species phylogenies

Background: The recent explosion of genomic sequence data, if properly analysed, provides a great deal of information about the evolutionary history of species. This in turn can tell us about the form and function of modern-day species and genes. Evolutionary histories are depicted by mathematical trees, called phylogenies. The phylogenies of genes and species are linked by mathematical mappings called reconciliations, which explicitly reconstruct and locate genetic evolutionary events such as gene duplication, transfers and losses.

This project will explore new methods, both discrete and statistical, to infer reconciliations more accurately and to incorporate other biological processes, such as incomplete lineage sorting, recombination, and hybridization.

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Yao-ban Chan

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