A time-course ‘omics multivariate data analysis framework

Supervisors: Kim-Anh Lê Cao

Available for: PhD/MSc

Location: Melbourne Integrative Genomics, University of Melbourne

Project title: A time-course ‘omics multivariate data analysis framework

Description: The mixOmics R package has focused on the analysis of high-throughput ‘omics data measured at a single time point. The project will develop the new timeOmics framework in mixOmics to integrate time-course multi ‘omics data sets, cluster omics profiles and propose innovative visualisation tools. The different methods will be applied on a study investigating the effect of hepatic fatty acid balance during fasting in mice at the transcriptomics and lipidomics levels, as well as other microbiome studies available through our collaborators.

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Kim-Anh Lê Cao

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