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Bioinformatics Peer Prize III

mixOmics is an R toolkit for multivariate data integration developed by Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao and her team. This highly collaborative project started in 2009 between French and Australian researchers, and has expanded in the recent years with Canadian researchers. The toolkit is still being actively developed to address many of the issues in biological data integration. More information on

For those not familiar with the package, the little 3min video will give you a brief introduction to the topics of:

  • `omics data integration in systems biology
  • multivariate dimension reduction techniques
  • mixOmics: what is it?
  • our main integrative methods DIABLO and MINT

This prize is a great opportunity for us to disseminate the toolkit. As you know, software development and obtaining resources to do so is not a piece of cake, but we managed, along the years. In 2017, the package was downloaded 29,000 times and is still going strong, thanks to your support and invaluable feedback.

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