À bientôt Olivier & Laetitia

French connection with MIG

Kim-Anh recently hosted Dr Olivier Chapleur (Researcher, molecular microbial ecology, IRSTEA, France)
http://www.irstea.fr/en/research/research-units/hban/microbiology-laboratory and his PhD student, Laetitia Cardona to work on Anaerobic digestion microbiology meta-omics.

Olivier is a specialist of anaerobic digestion microbiology and recently implemented ‘meta-omics’ methodologies (high-throughput and global analyses of DNA, RNA, proteins, or metabolites isolated directly from a community of organisms) to measure in detail the presence and abundance of microorganisms, as well as their activity or metabolic interactions. In combination with performance data of the digesters, the analysis of all those data could help deciphering the functioning of AD microbiome and set microbial indicators of optimal performance or warning indicators of process failure. Olivier & Laetitia came to MIG to learn about our multiple omics data integration methods to analyse his data. He presented in the MIG seminar series on Friday 13 October.

Message from Laetitia:

Coming to Melbourne University in the team of Dr Lê Cao was an excellent opportunity to learn and use biostatistical tools on real data. It was a great occasion to work directly with people who actually develop these biostatistical tools. Being from a biological formation and working on a team more specialised on bioprocess, working directly with biostatisticians to improve my knowledge of omics data analysis was very efficient, and I improved my knowledge deeper and faster than with any training of few days or ‘online’ exchange with data analysis specialists. Work with specialists in a biostatistics allows also to have another point of view on the data analysis and to widen the scientific questioning regarding the data extracted from the experiment.

Kim-Anh was also successful in securing 2 back-to-back travel fellowships to France for a total worth of 13K:
- FASIC fellowship (2 weeks) to continue the scientific exchange with Olivier Chapleur & Laetitia Cardona @ IRSTEA, Paris, France
- Professeur Invité scientific visit (4 weeks) from Evry University, Paris, France
The plan will be to continue working on the timeOmics pipeline for mixOmics.