NHMRC success for MIG!

Congrats to Kim-Anh & Damjan

Kim-Anh is named as CID on two successful NHMRC Project grants, offering her expertise in data analysis.

CIA: Antje Blumenthal
Enhancing host defence mechanisms in severe bacterial infections
$830,447.40; 2018- 2020

CIA: John Upham
Understanding how azithromycin prevents exacerbations in severe asthma
$697,273.20; 2018-2020

Damjan is named as CIG on a successful NHMRC Project grant, overseeing the statistical analyses.

CIA: Prof Peter Vuillermin
Maternal carriage of Prevotella during pregnancy influences offspring innate immune responses and asthma at age 7
$904,141; 2018–2021