MIG mixOmics Workshop - July 2018

Successful 3-day workshop

We ran our first MIG workshop to teach about multivariate exploration and data integration for omics data using the package developed by one of our group leaders, Dr Kim-Anh Lê Cao. For this special occasion we flew Dr Sebastien Déjean in, a core member of the mixOmics team who has been teaching with Kim-Anh since 2013. The 3-day workshop included theory and hands-on, as well a third day ‘bring your own data’ where participants could gain more experience on their own data.

A total of 36 participants joined the workshop, including 10 ECR and PhD students that received CBRI funding.

Ice breaker dinner was held at Mr Pietro in Carlton.

Kim-Anh explaining multivariate challenges for microbiome data.

A debrief session was held each morning with Sebastien running the show.

Here is some feedback from participants...

"The contents are very useful, not only its potential application in my project, but also clear theoretical knowledge about each method."

"Very systematic and concise delivery on these methods. Cases are also very good. Extremely helpful for me handling my 16s data."

"It was a really good balance between the statistical background and hands-on application of mixOmics software. Kim-Anh and Sebastien were both fantastic instructors and introduced challenging concepts in a very clear way. Slides, notes and R scripts will be a great resource."

"It was really well taught and both instructors were excellent teachers - I felt like I could keep up even though at some points it was really difficult. The R code was great and will be really helpful for working with my own data. I also liked to opportunity to have a whole half day working on our own data."

"Explained complicated concepts in a way that was easy to understand. Good balance of time spent listening and trying hands on activities."

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