Kim-Anh's latest mixOmics publications

Multi-Omic Data Integration

*Publication 1

Rohart F, Gautier B, Singh A and Lê Cao KA. mixOmics: an R package for ‘omics feature selection and multiple data integration. Manuscript available in bioRxiv.

In this long-awaited manuscript Kim-Anh (SysGen Group Leader) & colleagues introduce their latest multivariate methods for data integration in mixOmics. Sweave codes are available on the mixOmics website:

*Publication 2

Singh A, Gautier B, Shannon C, Vacher M, Rohart F, Tebbutt S and Lê Cao KA. DIABLO – multi-omics data integration for biomarker discovery. Manuscript available in bioRxiv.

This manuscript introduces the multi-‘omics integrative method available in mixOmics. This is a collaboration between the Lê Cao lab and University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Kim-Anh recently presented some of her mixOmics work at WEHI, check it out here:

  • Lê Cao K.-A. WEHI Postgraduate seminar series, 19 June, Melbourne, Australia. An introduction to multivariate methods in mixOmics with examples (invited speaker) [slides][video]