Irene awarded Leakey Foundation Grant

Functional evaluation of archaic Denisovan variants in Island Southeast Asia

MIG Group Leader, Irene Gallego Romero is being supported by the Leakey Foundation to use high-throughput cellular and genetic screens to understand the contributions of Denisovan DNA to modern humans in Papua New Guinea.

The Leakey Foundation exclusively funds research related specifically to human origins. Priority of funding is commonly given to exploratory phases of promising new research projects that meet the stated purpose of the Foundation. The majority of The Leakey Foundation’s Research Grants awarded to doctoral students are in the $3,000-$15,000 range. Larger grants given to senior scientists and post-doctoral students may be funded up to $25,000.

On May 4, 2019, The Leakey Foundation’s Board of Trustees approved 35 grant proposals for funding.

Here are some numbers from the most recent granting cycle:
There were 116 applications for research grants
38% were for behavioural research projects
62% were for paleoanthropology research projects.
469 reviews were submitted to our grants department.

Congratulations Irene!

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